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About Hong Ha

Hong Ha is a professional consulting company with head office located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Hong Ha is now providing high-quality engineering services in Transport, Water and Environment ranging from minor to major projects with various investment source of fund from gorvernmental fund, ODA, BOT, private sources… to contribute the development of infrastructure in Vietnam. We have over 100 experts and supporting teams along Vietnam to commit the efficency of project. 

Hong Ha provides consulting services as: pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, survey, testing, detailed design, shop drawing design, tender and contract management, construction supervision, quality assurance, trainning and project management.

Hong Ha was ranked at number 22 for performance in construction supervision, number 76 for engineering design by Ministry of Transport of Vietnam in 2014.

Hong Ha has strong connection with our Clients to furnish projects in both practical performance and contract management. Our reputation has been recognizing by various international partners for major projects.

During  over 13 of experience, Hong Ha has been growing apparently from a small local company to one of leading companies supplying high-quality services in Engineering Consulting Service in over 50  vietnamese provinces. Our vision for incoming years is expanding our services in more sectors related to engineering, concentrating on building firm comprehension of international procedures and standards and focusing on talent trainning.

Company Core Value :

-   For Customer's Satisfaction

-   Commiting International Quality

-   Continuously Innovating and Developing